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The policy is to get funding and contributions such that EpiData remains freeware.

To give an economic contribution see bank details or send mail to

Sustainability plan EpiData Software has since 2000 grown from securing the principles of Epi Info V6 to an independent and documentation based system with several translations and numerous downloads. To secure continued viability organisations and governments work is being done to secure for the future, see also the license principles - the ambition is to convert the programs to open-source within few years.

Contributions are used for costs of development after version 1.5 (e.g. refining of programming, enhancing speed, maintenance of website, to pay for absence from paid work to do EpiData or other developmental and promotional efforts for EpiData).

About the EpiData Association

EpiData Software is from EpiData Entry version 2.0 and above released by the non-profit organisation "The EpiData Association" Odense, Denmark (In Danish: EpiData foreningen). The association receives NO baseline budget from anyone. The association has no employees

Postal adress is:
The EpiData Association, att. Jens Lauritsen, Enghavevej 34, DK5230 Odense M, Denmark, Europe

The body of users of EpiData form the most important part of the basis of the EpiData Association. Those who choose to register as users will be asked when desicions are to made regarding additions to the program. Needs for documentation etc. Registration is done by adding your e-mail to the Information list.

Supporting members or institutions adds to the foundation and development of EpiData by securing funding to pay for the associated costs. List of donors.

The board of the association is made up of the core persons developing EpiData, currently Jens M.Lauritsen and Michael Bruus in collaboration with experienced users and the Friends Of EpiData group (FoED), comprising a group of international persons wishing to support the development of EpiData. See the acknowledgement and credit page.

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We made every possible effort in producing fail-safe software, but we cannot in any circumstance be held responsible for error, loss of data, work time or other losses incurred by or in relation to using EpiData Software or utilities distributed as part of the software.

By using the software encryption principles users accepts that the EpiData Association or programmers has No possibility of retrieving lost pass phrases (pass words)


Release of EpiData Software is based on donations and voluntary work

License terms includes two aspects: payment and contributions.

Contact the EpiData Association for clarification. by email.

Payment: No pay for EpiData Software: The software cannot be sold for money or service value. It is absolutely free. All translated versions must ALSO be supplied as free. There can be NO charge taken by a web site for downloading of EpiData. The software, documents or examples from this web site cannot be part of course materials which are sold for money value.

Contribution: Organisations outside low-income countries using EpiData Software for courses or routine field work are expected to assist with donations/funding or support for further development and maintenance of the software. Support can be any added-value activities, e.g. testing, specification, submission of examples, following and answering questions on the EpiData-list or translations. (interpret "expected" as "obliged to")

What can be paid for by users or course participants ?
Costs for developing questionnaires, setting up computers, printing of documentation, instruction, supervision, teaching etc. when using EpiData Software and materials can be paid for (postage and handling or worktime).

Collaborative exchange
It is good practice to submit worked examples or replicates of systems and field or course notes for inspiration to other users. Only artificial or anonymous data should be included. Acknowledgements for contributions will be published on the website (unless not desired)

Send examples to the EpiData Association by email.

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Copyright on Documents

All documentation documents are released with these regulations:

Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and / or modify the documents under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 published by the Free Software Foundation with no invariant sections, no back-cover texts. Front pages must be kept as is when documents are translated with the addition of name and organisation of translator.

No patent on EpiData

Principles used in EpiData cannot be patented in any way. They are part of public domain principles.

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