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Version 3.x
Builds of EpiData v3: (A new build is made when small "bugs" or inconsistencies are fixed). Builds have the form (xxzzyy), where xx is day, zz is month and yy is year.

    release v3.1
  • (28jan2008): Bug fix and modifications:
    • Bug fix for export to SPSS (dates)
    • Bug fix jump to noenter field
    • Integers up to 9 digits saved as integer (extended from 4) for compatibility with Analysis
    • Backup relative paths fixed
    • Various other issues, see Mantis database
  • (110106): Bug fix and modifications:
    • Bug fix for double entry (further bug fixing with calculations)
    • Added new chk command DEFAULTVALUE (See help file)
    • To be solved later: Strange jump upon pressing minus key with defined missing value.
  • (181205): Bug fix and modifications:
    • Bug fix for double entry (bypassed some variables with calculations)
    • Bug fix for double entry if first file was not found
    • To be solved later: Strange jump upon pressing minus key with defined missing value.
  • (141105): Bug fix and modifications:
    • New startup parameter /FINDvarname=text e.g.
      EpiData.exe mydata.rec /FINDid=45
      would start epidata.exe, look for number 45 in field id. If not found then add a new record and put the value 45 into field id.
    • If EpiDatastat.exe is found in same folder as EpiData.exe, then show tools with Analysis.
    • Adding of verified End Of Record status marker ^ (verified) in double entry
    • Bugfixes:
      Find-record did not respect filter
      AutoSearch error fixed (affected if same value as last record was entered)
      Save Record will not save an empty record
      Type statusbar error when autosearch and type statusbar was in same field
      Double Entry could not save records marked for deletion
  • (200205): Bug fixed: "mark for deletion" status not shown in files of certain length.
  • (270105): Released with updated help file on Febr. 11th.2005 (MISSINGVALUE)
  • (270105): Bug fixed: Error when packing records marked for deletion with encrypted fields in the file
  • (180105): first release,
    New: Validate by entering twice in same file and compare directly
        Users can define their own functions. See Documentation page
        Extended BACKUP command in chk file. Includes zip and encrypt
    Enhancements: Zip and encrypt files now with extension .zky (.zip.key not allowed in mail programs)
    Bug fix: Export to epidata must be done twice to get new file.
    release v3.02
  • (300404): Minor bugs fixed.
        export to SPSS
        F4 key error in search form
        Stata v8 import rejected with string fields of length > 80 (fix in Stata first)
    New: On unzip, files not unzipped are listed
    Changed: Automatic renaming of field "date" to "date1" removed.
  • (120304): first release
    New: Automatic revision detection of changes in qes file (by date of files)
        SPSS export now works with European format
    Enhancements: Grid View stable and fast with large files
    Bug fix: Date calculation of yyyymmdd fields, file type on open a.o.
    release v3.0
  • (140304) : Minor release. Bug fix and enhancements.
  • (131103) : SPSS export now includes warning with decimal numbers in European format
  • (051103) : Error with autosearch fixed (the error resulted in unsaved records).
  • (160903) : Error on revising rec file with field from String to Encrypted fixed.
  • (130903) : First release
  1. New features
    New fieldtypes: Encrypted fields <e   > <yyyy/mm/dd> <today-ymd>
    Encryption at field level using Rijndael/AES strong encryption: <e   >
    VIEW: Grid view of data as part of documentation menu.
    Export and import to/from STATA 8 added.
    Create archive (ZIP format) with optional ENCRYPTION added as tools
       RESTORE / DECRYPT archives
    Define numerical codes as missing values in fields Press - and the first is added.
    Autosearch - show all records according to value of current field
    Key unique status in calculated fields checked at creation-
     allowing for a key based on a combination of fields.
  2. Modified or enhanced functionality
    Enhanced find, e.g. v1 > 1.70 (up to 10 fields)
    EXPORT can respect sorting order (key)
    Show currently defined variables (define) and files open: F2 F2 (press twice)
    Folder name handling with RELATE and BACKUP corrected to relative position
    Index for recfiles used in comment legal created automatically
    Enhanced filter expression control on export
    Comment legal with TYPE COMMENT length extended to 80
    Comments (*) can be put in comment legal lists
    ENTER command will not give error, but also no action in CHK file
    Language files from old versions can be used (issues only a warning)
  3. New check commands and functions implemented as:
    INCLUDE other CHK files
    Numeric codes can be defined as missing.
        MISSINGVALUE x [x [x]] in fieldblock
        MISSINGVALUE ALL x [x [x]] in before file block (all numeric fields get values)
        MISSINGVALUE field1-fieldx x [x [x]]
        Defined values part of export STATA and SPSS
    TYPE COMMENT ALLFIELDS COLOR Shows all comment legal texts.
        implicit "TYPE COMMENT" for all fields with label
    AUTOSEARCH field
    CopyToClipboard "string" - copies information to clipboard
  4. Bugs corrected
    Key unique index error which could result in dublicate records (Major bug)
    Type Statusbar updating corrected in relate
    Incorrect blocking (access violation) when showing legal values during entry.
    Error in exporting to SPSS.
    Other minor bugs
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EpiData future plans (current suggestions)! No definitive time or decision
- FIND duplicates
- Enhanced report on import/export
- DATAFORM lineheight fieldtype tabsize (input field specification)
- DATAFORM font size typeface (font specification)
- LAG function - look up values in previous records.
- MUSTENTERALL - in before file block: all fields have mustenter
- UDM - User Defined Menu - custom made added to EpiData
- Transaction logging to allow for Audit Trail
- Export to MySql and PDA files (Palm Pilot and Pocket PC)
- Export recfile structure to asp code for form entry on web
- Dataentry only module with start parameter
- Encrypted/Unchangable CHK file

Previous EpiData versions

EpiC Plans. EpiC is a batch/command utility.

Plans for extensions (suggestions)

  1. MERGE files at record level based on the value of 1-3 variables.
  2. APPEND functions - add end to end
  3. Make QES files from REC files
Timeframe - uncertain, depends on   -> funding and progress of work.

Version 3.1 - latest release 10. Jan 2006

  1. CHK file control synchronised with EpiData v3.1 build of Jan. 2006

Version 3.02 - released 30. April 2004

  1. CHK file control synchronised with EpiData v3.02

Version 2.2 - released 23. March 2003

  1. Path structure in zip file following actual structure
  2. Encryption changed to Rijndael/AES strong encryption algoritm
  3. Identified bugs removed (all minor)

Version 1.2 - released Sept. 19th 2002.
Further functions implemented:

  1. ZIP functions to create pkzip compatible archives
  2. UNZIP functions to extract files from pkzip compatible archives
  3. ENCRYPT functions to add encryption to a file - Blowfish algoritm
  4. DEcrypt functions to remove encryption from a file
  5. Consistency check: added CHECKRANGELEGAL

Version 1.1 - released Sept. 16th 2002.
Functions implemented:

  1. import from STATA, DBASE & TXT files
  2. export stata, spss, sas, dbase, excel, delim.
  3. revise REC file based on changed QES file
  4. consistency check
  5. count records
  6. packing rec files